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Writing Effective Business Cases

Hone your IT based decision making through the effective use of professional Business Cases

Course Overview

Business stakeholders require thorough and sound information in order to make decisions regarding the construction of IT-based business solutions. The Business Case document is an effective tool for documenting and structuring the information and recommendations effectively for decision makers.

This course is aimed at delegates who need to increase their competence in the essential skills and techniques of creating a professional business case

Course Objectives:

  • Be able to quantify problems in business terms and define measurable objectives
  • Confidently define project and solution scope
  • Be able to gather and document functional, informational and non-functional requirements by interacting with relevant stakeholders effectively 
  • Be able to define a conceptual solution
  • Be able to calculate and illustrate measures regarding the proposed solution, including: Costs, Benefits, Return on Investment (ROI), Timelines
  • Become proficient in determining and documenting Risks, Assumptions and Dependencies
  • Be able to produce a professional business case document
  • Be capable of confidently selling your recommendations to decision-makers

Course Delivery

The programme comprises instructor-led training seminars, supplemented by exercises and practical work.

This course is offered publicly and can also be run in-house.

Course Assessment

There are no formal assessments on this course but in order to complete it, delegates are required to:

  • attend all 4½ of the course days 
  • actively participate in the exercises and discussion 
  • present information to the class on the third day and facilitate a group discussion

Course Content

Day 1: Requirements Elicitation
• Overview of the Business Case
• Information Gathering & Business Context
• Stakeholder Analysis & Interviewing

Day 2: Requirements Definition
• Problem Analysis, Goals and Objectives
• Defining Scope, Requirements Identification
• Conceptual Solution Identification

Day 3: Quantifying the Business Case
• Defining Solution Approach
• Estimating Effort & Duration
• Impacts, Costs and Benefits Analysis

Day 4: Risk and Feasibility
• Risk Analysis
• Assumptions & Dependencies
• Feasibility & Recommendation

Day 5: Presenting the Business Case
• Presenting the Business Case

Course Prerequisites

While any strongly motivated delegate may be admitted to the course, we recommend that prospective delegates should not do the course unless they:

  • Have a basic, conceptual understanding of business cases. The course will begin with a brief refresher of the basics before addressing more advanced aspects
  • Have at least 2 years working experience, with recent experience in a role that requires communication skills, business knowledge and problem solving skills
  • Have at least a year’s experience working with business applications, not just as users, but in a role where they are problem solvers, super-users, developers or analysts
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