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National Certificate in Project Management through RPL

Gain formal recognition of your Project Management skills and obtain a national qualification

Course Overview

The RPL Programme for the National Certificate in Project Management at NQF level 5 is a one-month programme aimed at
experienced Project Managers who wish to obtain recognition of their skills and a national qualification. The qualification is a
performance or competence based qualification that is registered with SAQA.

The qualification is intended for someone who is working as a Project Manager of small to moderately complex projects and it is based on the key competencies expected of someone fulfilling that role.

This RPL Programme aims to guide you through the processes that lead to assessment and to then assess you against the qualification or some of its component standards.

This is not a training course but is an assessment support programme.

Course Objectives:

The overall competencies that the qualification expects are that you are able to:

  • Conduct effective communication whilst working on a project
  • Plan, Execute and Control the project
  • Complete a choice of electives

Course Delivery

The course provides a structured approach and timetable to aid you in developing your evidence and then to be assessed against the NQF5 National Certificate.

It includes 5 days of contact time to support and guide the development of evidence and the Summative Assessment for the

In addition the candidate needs to spend time preparing their evidence. A guide for the amount of time is given below but the
actual time will vary by individual. 


Estimated time

Participate in RPL
4 contact days

Prepare portfolio of
evidence, with reflections

+- 14 days
Write reports +- 14 days
(incl. research time)
Knowledge assessment 3 hours

 The Programme Comprises:

  • instructor-led workshops which are used to explain the qualification and assessment requirements, to provide feedback on evidence gathered and to prepare the knowledge evidence
  • evidence gathering and development tasks in your own time
  • summative assessment for the qualification

Course Content

RPL1 – 1 full day
Interpreting qualifications and standards
The process to prepare your evidence
Writing reflections
Planning a Project Exit Level Outcome
Plan your assessment preparation activities

Evidence preparation – 1 weeks in your own time
Collect and collate evidence
Complete knowledge assignments
Complete reflections

RPL2 – 1 full day
Exit Level Outcome 2: Communicate on a project
Review evidence gathered
Knowledge assessments

Evidence preparation – 1 week

RPL3 – 1 full day
Exit Level Outcome 3: Controling a project
Review evidence gathered
Knowledge assessment 

Evidence preparation – 1week

RPL4 – 1 full day
Final review of POE

Final Evidence preparation
Complete and submit POE

RPL5 – Summative Assessment

Course Prerequisites

A screening process will be undertaken before a person is accepted to the program to ensure they have sufficient experience.


Faculty Training Institute holds the following institutional accreditations

  • Provisionally accredited as an Education and Training Provider with the MICT Seta (ACC/2010/00/601)
  • An Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence (ISOE) in Business Analysis with the MICT Seta
  • A Registered Education Provider (REP 2841) with the Project Management Institute (PMI®).
  • A Member of the Information Technology Association of South Africa
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