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Practical Change Management

Techniques for Managers or HR Teams who want to survive and thrive during periods of change!

Course Overview

Often the people side of change is forgotten as project teams and organisations focus on the actual change itself eg. System or process changes, mergers,  etc.  This workshop is designed around the global best practice studies undertaken by members of the Association of Change Management Professionals.  It is a practical, hands-on, outcomes based workshop which provides a highly successful overall approach as well as the tools and skills to handle the "fall-out" created by change such as fear, resistance, resignations and other negative people aspects. 

Immediate, real impact can be achieved by practically applying this approach and these tools and skills in the workplace.  Delegates will be provided with a step by step process to enable them to support the people impacted by any change and thereby ensure that the change is successfully implemented.

Impact of Change on People


Course Objectives:

Learn to:

  • understand and identify how you as a manager or HR practitioner handle change and how you appear in change situations
  • understand and  help those in a team who are experiencing the impact of change and assist them to think and approach the change positively
  • use practical approaches to create desire and “buy in” for the change in question
  • show effective, authentic  support and empathy to those in a team experiencing anger, fear, apprehension, doubt or resistance towards the change
  • use a simple proven model to enable you to move the individual or team  towards insight and achievement and from inertia to positive action

Course Content

Day 1

  • What is change management?
  • Why is change management necessary?
  • How do I react to change – how do I present myself and “come across” to my team and others in times of change?
  • How will other people in my team or organisation react, appear and respond in times of change?

Day 2

  • Experience and apply practical skills to :
  • Enable individuals or teams  to embrace the change and  create desire and “buy in” for any particular change
  • Creating a positive “mindshift”  for those  individuals experiencing anger, fear, apprehension, doubt or resistance towards change

Course Prerequisites




Our mentors are highly skilled and experienced and have academic and corporate backgrounds. They have broad theoretical knowledge and are drawn from accredited FTI lecturing staff who lecture Diploma in Business Analysis delegates.

Some of our mentors are IIBA® Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP’s). They are passionate, experienced Business Analysis professionals who are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of Business Analysis, in order to deliver significant value to individuals and the organisations that employ them

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