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Professional Workshop Facilitation

Become a confident, competent facilitator and use your leadership skills to unlock the power of groups

Course Overview

The Facilitation Skills workshop is aimed at delegates who wish to improve their business workshop facilitation skills.

Modern knowledge workers work almost exclusively in jobs that require them to solve business problems, take decisions, be able to ‘see the big picture’ and think about consequences. When such problems are analysed and solved by one person in isolation, derived solutions do not address the real problem or do so inadequately.

Research and experience show that one of the most effective approaches to understanding and solving such problems is by involving all affected parties. Effective facilitation skills, applied from the planning stage through to follow-up, can ensure that such meetings or workshops achieve the stated objective.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course, you will:

Have a better understanding of the principles of communication
Be better placed to understand different responses from people and how to gain most benefit from your interactions with them
Understand the importance of fact finding and analysis in problem solving, and be able to distinguish, evaluate and summarise relevant information
Have improved your skills in facilitating meetings or workshops
Have gained insight into individual and group behaviours and how to channel different types of behaviour effectively
Benefits Resulting from the Course

Delegates will develop the skill and confidence to effectively facilitate business meetings and workshops
Delegates will learn how to function effectively in business meetings and facilitated workshops

Course Delivery

The learning experience comprises a mixture of instructor-led theory, with a high degree of practical exercises and small group discussions so that delegates can apply the lessons and techniques learned. Throughout the course, delegates are encouraged to share their own personal experiences and concerns. Theoretical material covers the principles of communication, as well as tools and techniques for using these in the business environment. Practical exercises will ensure that the knowledge gained is both transferred and instilled.

Course Assessment


To complete the course, delegates are required to:
·        Attend both course days
·        Actively participate in the exercises and discussion

Be assessed by the course facilitator and course delegates during the course exercises and role play sessions

Course Content

Day 1: Communication and Effective Facilitation

·         Types of Communication e.g. visual, non-visual, body-language
·         Channels of communication
·         The effect of culture: develop multicultural communication skills
·         Self-Analysis: your personality profile and that of the “ideal facilitator
·         Developing effective questioning techniques
Day 2: Listening, Documenting and resolving conflict for effective facilitation
·         Barriers to effective and active listening
·         Documenting workshop contributions and mind-mapping
·         The role of emotions and feelings
Resolving Conflict
·         Why conflict can be good
·         A win/win approach to conflict
·         Conflict resolution methodology
Managing group behaviour
Planning and structuring workshops
Solving problems and strategising

Facilitation role-play and practice

Course Prerequisites

Successful past candidates have been drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We do not exclude any delegate who is strongly motivated to do the course, so there are no strict pre-requisites. Those delegates with at least two years of business experience, including attending and possibly running facilitated workshops, derive most value from this workshop.


Faculty Training Institute holds the following institutional accreditations

  • Provisionally accredited as an Education and Training Provider with the MICT Seta (ACC/2010/00/601)
  • An Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence (ISOE) in Business Analysis with the MICT Seta
  • The first Education Provider to be endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in South Africa and is the only Endorsed Education Provider (EEP™) to hold Charter status
  • A Member of the Information Technology Association of South Africa
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