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Strategic Negotiation Skills

Master the strategic negotiation process by developing skills like planning, presenting, communicating effectively, building rapport, anticipating responses, listening and asking the right questions.

Course Overview

The objective of this intensive three-day programme is to equip negotiators with the skills to plan, manage and conclude successful negotiations.

On completion of the programme and through practice in the workplace, you will be better equipped to deal with different negotiation situations and with a more strategic approach. You will learn to master the negotiation process and manage the transition from sales to close and you will be given the tools to bargain and close deals more easily.

You will understand the importance of developing self-awareness to improving your professional image, confidence and assertiveness.

Course Objectives:

The minimum measurable outcomes that you can expect as a delegate, are:

  • Developing a greater level of confidence in a negotiation situation
  • Deepening self-awareness  
  • Accelerated personal growth based on the course objectives
  • Enhanced and more strategic communication skills
  • Vastly accelerated and sustainable individual growth
  • Dealing more effectively with difficult questions
  • The ability to think on your feet under pressure
  • Preparing effective and impactful presentations
  • Creating a positive and assertive impact.

Course Delivery

Facilitator-led sessions where you will be involved in exercises, role-plays, presenting and negotiating throughout the three days.

You will be individually coached to meet the course objectives.

Given the highly practical and engaging nature of the programme, you will be expected to prepare in the evenings for the following day.

Course Assessment

Although there are no formal assessments, such as exams and tests, to earn a certificate of attendance, you are required to:

  • Participate in formative assessments which are conducted during the training through personal one-on-one coaching, questionnaires and observations.
  • Participate in summative assessments which are conducted at the end of the training in the form of exercises and role-plays to test your understanding and the skills developed.
  • Attend all three course days

Course Content

You will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the following subject areas:

  • Positioning yourself strategically
  • Planning skills for creating win/win results
  • Interpersonal skills to enhance control
  • Using the negotiation process to maintain strategic control
  • The decision-making process
  • The 5 step negotiation process  
  • Positioning the negotiation strategically
  • Identifying party strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating a positive controlling environment  
  • Developing dynamic presentation strategies
  • Using the psychology of negotiations  
  • Handling the transition from selling to negotiating
  • Presenting powerfully
  • Handling concessions
  • Developing a range of negotiation tactics.

Course Prerequisites

No prior experience is required.

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