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Assessments and Benchmarking

Published: 2013-04-11

Managing organisational and personal change is hugely enhanced when it is linked to clear goals and objectives and when outcomes and benefits are measured.  Benchmarking is the process of establishing the current state of performance of people or organisations,  as well as establishing future targeted levels of performance that are desired.

FTIPS offers a range of assessments that address either organisational or individual performance. In addition, through its relationship with other EOH Group companies, it can effectively offer a full spectrum of assessments and instruments, ranging from psychometric profiling to competency, culture and job performance

In the main, organisational performance looks at practices, processes and infrastructural issues (see Organisational Maturity Assessments)  while individual performance is measured through psychometric and personality assessments, as well as individual competency assessments.

FTIPS makes extensive use of its relationships with other EOH Group business units in providing assessment products and services.

Individual Assessment products and services

Typical Profile Assessments and Screening products and services employed by FTIPS include

  • 360 Emotional Intelligence assessment, which provides feedback on Leadership resonance by measuring 18 competencies organised into the 4 clusters of Self Awareness, Self Mastery,  Social Awareness and Relationaship management
  • The Integrative Enneagram which is uniquely suited to assist companies in achieving a people-centred approach in order to attract and retain key employees and maintain high productivity.  The Enneagram identifies core personality traits, motivations, defence mechanisms and fears, often found in the unconscious layers of our personality structure. As such. it is an  extraordinary framework for understanding oneself, one’s associates and colleagues and even the “personality” of a team or organisation as a whole
  • The SCARF model (developed by David Rock and based on the Neuroscience of the Brain and how the brain works) involves five domains of human social experience which givern social and team interaction.   Understanding these dynamics assists leaders with motivating teams and creating positive cultural effects in organisations
  • Employee Health Audit
  • Gallup Engagement Questionnaire contains 12 questions to see the level of engagement people have towards the organisation
  •  Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), developed by Cameron and Quinn, tests the four prominent cultures of a company
  • Management Skills Assessment Instrument (MSAI), designed by Cameron and Quinn, evaluates a leader’s competence and what is needed to be effective within the company’s cultures
  • Organisational Leadership Assessment (OLA),  developed by Laub , evaluates the health of an organisation (from toxic to optimal) based on the strength of the 6 characteristics of servant

Other assessments that are employed on our interventions include

  • Leadership Style Identification
  • MBTI
  • Strength Finder
  • Conflict Management Approaches
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Disc Profiles




Organisational Assessments

See the separate section on Organisational Maturity Assessment




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