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Coaching and Mentoring

Published: 2010-03-23


Coaching translates already-acquired knowledge into applied workplace skill, develops independent, productive employees and unlocks potential.  It sends the client on a self-awareness and personal growth journey.  The Coach facilitates and enables positive, focused change and transformation

Most coaching engagements begin by assessing leadership skill and behaviour. Our coaches have access to and use a variety of assessment tools.  They have the ability to help individuals interpret feedback data with the sensitivity required to make it safe to look at criticism and the know-how to effectively manage resistance when it occurs. Every coaching engagement is based on a powerful, customised learning program created in response to each client’s development goals.

Our Coaches are trained in an ICF accredited training methodology and have passed an international certification programme. They are equipped to deliver Personal, Business and Executive Coaching in a pro-active, structured and focused intervention, designed specifically to improve the performance and personal skills of the client.

Coaching can be  targeted at multiple levels of the organisation, each with its own specific dynamics and needs.  Typical interventions address the needs of

  • Management, through Executive,  Senior, Middle and Junior Management
  • Role-based, professional and vocational, targeting specific key roles in the organisation
  • Entry-level, including Graduate and Intern programmes
  • Team-based Coaching

 Typical interventions include 

  • Coach Training – training of Internal Coaches through a brain based coaching approach that is an accredited International Coach Federation Training Programme
  • Build a Coaching Culture to develop leaders and drive performance
  • Coaching Skills and Techniques Workshops– for Executive, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors


FTIPS differentiates coaching and mentoring.  Mentoring is an on-going, protégé-driven relationship designed to guide, inform and advise and may form part of a manager’s responsibilities.  Mentoring Programmes are developed with a clear focus on the business objectives and on succession planning and development of new leaders and managers.

Typical mentoring products and services include

  • Mentoring
  • Development of an in house Mentoring Programme
  • Provision of Mentoring Services
  • Mentor’s Workshop
  • Mentee’s Workshop

Role-based mentoring

Role-based mentoring describes a focused intervention that adresses not only individual behaviours, motivation and conduct, but also targets specific skills consistent with that individual's role. In many cases, mentoring augments and supports training and is used to help delegates apply their skills in contexts and projects that are different or more complex to what they may have learned in their training or education.     So, a recently-promoted business analyst my require mentoring to help them apply their skills in a particular application area;  a recently graduated IT intern may require mentoring to apply their knowledge using a particular testing software platform,  or a project manager may require mentoring to improve the quality and accurance of the PM artefacts and documents they produce.

The goals of mentorship are

  • Increase skills levels and task proficiency on a one-on-one or group level
  • To align individual and team practices and process
  • Increase confidence 
  • Improve the quality of work products and artefacts
  • Reinforce implementation of new practices, processes and methodologies, such as Project Management Offices, Communities of Practice and Centres of Excellence, 
  • Support  organisational change and change management 

FTIPS is able to provide skilled accredited, skilled consultants who are able to mentor individuals and teams with their skills in the following roles:

  • Business Analysts and Systems Analysts
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
  • Agile Methodologies and Practices
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Business and Enterprise architecture
  • Coaching and mentoring (coach-the-coach and mentor-the-mentor)
  • Leaders and managers of all kinds



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