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Supplementary Fees

Published: 2010-05-10

FTIs course fee structure is, unless otherwise stated, fully inclusive of tuition, notes, prescribed texts, course materials, catering, computer usage and parking. There are no hidden extras for delegates attending a normal programme, and passing it in the normal way.

However, circumstances sometimes dictate that students do not complete the normal programme as it is designed, and require special dispensation.

It is part of FTI’s ethic to do all it can to accommodate delegates and to help them successfully complete their training. However, this can often lead to considerable costs and administrative overheads. As a consequence, FTI will levy certain supplementary fees where delegates deviate from the normal academic programmes.

Table of Fees

The supplementary fees are detailed in the attached table of fees.

Payment of fees

All supplementary must be paid in advance of the respective service being rendered.

Waiver of fees

FTI may occasionally, at its sole discretion, and in consideration of all of the circumstances, agree to waive all or part of the above fees, where it deems this to be equitable. No such waiver will apply unless it has been confirmed in writing by FTI that it will do this.


Diploma transfer fees

The following fees will apply where a delegate does not complete a course for which they were registered, and wishes to transfer to another course.

  1. Course transfer fees apply only between identical courses, and not between courses of different types.
  2. All transfers are subject to places being available on the future course. No guarantees are made that space will be available and full fee paying delegates will always have preference.
  3. Transfers and transfer fees only apply where a delegate leaves his/her previous course in good standing, i.e. that their attendance and performance on the course has been good, all assignments up to the date of withdrawal have been submitted, and all course fees have been paid. Where a delegate withdraws from a course and is not in good standing, attendance to future courses requires payment of full course fees.
Transfer to a course that is running.  20% of future course fee
Readmission to future course within 12 month window (window starting from beginning of last completed module)  30% of future course fee
Readmission to a future course after 12-month window (window starting from beginning of last completed module) 100% of future course fee
Re-attendance/repeats of any previously completed Diploma course module (excludes any assessment) R1200

Re-marks, reassessments and re-submissions

Rescheduling a missed presentation, or repeating a presentation R600
Sitting of a supplementary examination R400
Sitting of a special, extended or oral examinations R400
Resubmission and remarking of assignments R400

Above Prices Exclude VAT

Sundry charges

Reprinting/reissue of Diploma certificates  R200
Replacement of lost notes, per module  R250
Reprinting of delegate results summary  R150
Printing of Delegates Academic Record  R200
Certification of course attendance  R200
Reprinting of Class Photograph  R150

Above Prices Exclude VAT


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