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Professional Services

The pervasive use of technology in the modern world has generated a huge demand for so-called knowledge workers who require a wide range of skills to equip them to function in an ever changing business environment.  Key challenges in a rapidly evolving work-place include an inadequate supply of relevant skills, blurred roles and responsibilities across groups, the inability to attract and retain people and the often unrelenting workload and stress which is often caused by poor processes and practices.

FTI Professional Services is focused on helping organisations increase their efficiency and capacity to deliver.  This is achieved in part by examining and improving processes and practices,  but more emphatically by focusing on the skills, motivation,  productivity and performance in its workforce.  

FTIPS is a division of  Faculty Training Institute.  Its specialist services integrate with and extend FTI’s portfolio of training programmes to provide an extensive and holistic value-added offering that enable organisations to obtain maximum value from its people.  In addition, it brings a range of additional products and services that will grow an organisation’s capacity and effectiveness through its people with the emphasis being on action based learning to build skills and competencies in line with the organisations’ desired outcomes and goals.

Mission and Focus

The mission and focus  of FTI Professional Services is to provide value-added services that will allow client organisations to improve the capacity and competencies of their people and processes. 

Value Proposition

FTIPS does not sell “silver bullets” or use a one size fits all approach.  While FTIPS has a range of of-the-shelf products and services, our approach is to partner and journey with organisations

  • To understand their needs, goals, culture, challenges and constraints
  • To leverage their existing investment in methodologies, skills, leadership and managerial expertise
  • To help them achieve  sustainable development and change towards achievement of their goals.

Sustainable change is primarily effected through people.  FTIPS achieves this through the use of tried and tested tools, products and services aimed at engaging and developing the whole person by integrating intellectual as well as emotional and somatic intelligence, often referred to as the “Head, Heart and Hands Framework”.  

Engagement Model

Although quick-win solutions are available, our preferred and recommended engagement model is a deeper one that seeks to implement long-term and sustainable solutions that directly address organisational problems and objectives in a holistic and measurable way. 

Our client engagement process typically follows the above process:

  • Diagnose: where we engage in dialog, ascertain problems, goals and needs and gather information
  • Discover: where we may apply diagnostics, root cause analysis and identify quick wins to address critical pain points
  • Deliver: where we implement solutions, which typically include workshops, further assessments, coaching and mentoring
  • Debrief: where we reinforce actions, motivate and facilitate on delivery process and review
  • Independence: where we measure smaller goals, monitor progress, celebrate results and entrench value 





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