Certificate Programme in Project Management – NC: PM Level 5
April 17, 2018
Certificate Programme in Software Testing
Applied Programme in Software Testing
April 19, 2018

Analytical Thinking
and Creative Problem Solving

This is a challenging and engaging short course that focuses on improving your creative, analytical and critical thinking abilities. Today, more than ever before, knowledge workers in all sectors need transferrable skills that can be applied to a range of complex work-related situations.

Who should attend?

Although this course holds appeal for professionals with work experience in Business Analysis, Project Management and IT software testing, it is relevant to individuals in any area and at any level of an organisation. If your core responsibilities include understanding, analysing and solving problems in innovative ways, this two-day workshop will be highly beneficial.

Course Information

Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements, but we recommend that you have some practical work experience in a role involving cognitive and high-order thinking and problem solving.
Delivery and Assessment

We use a blend of face-to-face facilitator-lead seminar sessions and individual and group practical exercises. To gain an FTI Certificate of Attendance, you will need to:

  • Attend full and half-day (or evening) lectures and seminar sessions

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the two-day short course, you will have gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in:

  • The problem solving process
  • Fact finding and analysing problems so that you can distinguish, evaluate and summarise relevant information
  • Using and applying recognised problem solving techniques and approaches to problem solve
  • Thinking models and exercises so that you can think outside-the-box and generate a broader and more unique range of solutions
  • Creativity and blocks to creativity
  • Arriving at objective and well-reasoned decisions timeously and consistently with the available information

Course Dates

02 August 2021

Online lectures