Enterprise (strategy) Analysis Workshop
Enterprise (Strategy) Analysis
July 29, 2018
Agile Business Analysis Workshop
Agile Business Analysis
July 31, 2018

Problem Analysis

Delivered by Adrian Reed of Blackmetric

Increasingly, organisations are operating in fast-moving and often volatile business environments. Project teams need to respond quickly to tricky and often ill-defined problem situations, enabling the organisation to adapt and meet the ongoing demands of its customers and environment. In these contexts the pre-project stage is crucial: For our change initiatives to be successful, we need to truly understand the problem we are trying to solve. By understanding the problem we can ensure that any future project activity is built upon a firm foundation, and is heading towards a set of goals that are concise, precise and have been agreed upon.

This practical, hands-on workshop, focusses on the problem-solving skills that practitioners need in order to collaboratively explore and describe problems, and to co-create potential options for improvement. These skills are extremely valuable pre-project and early in the project lifecycle, and this course will be of interest to business analysts and other practitioners who help analyse, assess and solve tricky organisational problems.

Who should attend?

This course is well suited for anyone needing to understand how to undertake problem analysis early in the project lifecycle. It will be of particular interest to BA teams that are looking to ‘left shift’ and seek early engagement. Typical delegates include: Business Analysts, Consultants, Requirements Engineers, Business Systems Analysts, Product Owners, Requirements Manager

Course Information

Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements, however the course will be of most value to practitioners with some existing experience of business analysis who are looking to broaden their knowledge of strategic and pre-project business analysis.
Delivery and Assessment
This course is run in collaboration with Blackmetric, and is run by Adrian Reed. Blackmetric are and IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider, and this is an IIBA® endorsed course.

It is hands-on, and interactive, and there will be many opportunities to practice techniques. Where necessary, feedback will be provided by the course facilitator.
Learning Outcomes
Candidates that successfully undertake this course will:
  • Understand what pre-project problem analysis is, and its significance in the analysis and project lifecycle
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder identification, categorisation and management
  • Be able to use a range of problem analysis techniques to understand problem situations
  • Be able to define a problem using a ‘problem statement’ and understand how successful outcomes can be articulated with Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Understand what a Business Use Case diagram is and understand its value in articulating scope during pre-project problem analysis
  • Use a 1 page ‘Project Concept Summary’ template to bring together a potential project idea onto a page

Course Dates