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June 1, 2020
Practitioner Programme in Project Management
SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE)
July 30, 2020

SAFe® Scrum Master Certification

in Partnership with Kaizania

In this two-day course, you will gain an understanding of the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe® enterprise. Unlike traditional Scrum Master training that focuses on the fundamentals of team-level Scrum, the SAFe® Scrum Master course will take your Scrum Master skills to the next level by exploring the role in the context of the entire enterprise, and prepare you to successfully plan and execute the Program Increment (PI), the primary enabler of alignment throughout all levels of a SAFe® organization. This includes learning the key components of Agile at scale development, how Scrum is facilitated throughout the enterprise, and how to execute Iteration Planning.

Course Information

You will discover how to build high performing Agile teams, and how to coach those teams to deliver the maximum business value at scale. SAFe® 5 Scrum Master (SSM) certification signifies that people are prepared to perform the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe® environment, increasing their value to teams and organizations that are implementing SAFe®.

  • Learn how to build high performance teams, and the concepts of forming, storming, norming and performing
  • Learn how to be a Scrum Master and manage your high performance team
  • Absorb the basic concepts of a Scrum Master, including the Scrum Master as a Servant Leader and how to coach your team
  • Form your team with insights on team structure, team purpose, and how Scrum ceremonies foster collaboration
  • Avoid roadblocks by learning the five dysfunctions of a team

Programme Dates

08-09 June 2021

Online Lectures
20 - 21 July 2021

Online Lectures